Around the Lake 2012: Rookie Mistake

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I just finished the Around the Lake Marathon. It didn’t go well. After running Boston, I thought that I could recover quickly and run a significantly better time, since Boston was pretty hot. I ended up with a 3:09:01, a huge PR over Boston, but not the qualifier I was looking for. I say “ended up with” because that’s really what it felt like.  To be honest I felt terrible. I couldn’t move for a while just after the race. I had really run a race that my body was not prepared for.


You could think of the pain I’m in now as a positive, that at some point you’re GOING to have to push yourself to improve, but right now it’s not a lot of consolation. There was no plan, no strategy, there was just determination, per usual. It looks like that can get me pretty far, a 20-some-minute PR, but even though 4 minutes isn’t a long time in a marathon, I have to admit that the qualifying time of 3:05:00 does seem a bit unattainable looking back at the race.

I know that my fitness needs to be better.

— L. Smith