Boston’s OneRun

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I went for a long run from Hopkinton (yes), and happened upon the last leg of the nation-wide OneRun for Boston. When I started my run around 9:30pm, the runners carrying the baton had just past the marathon starting line, and were about 2-3 miles in front of me. My first instinct was to race and catch them, but I did my best to keep a steady pace. I did eventually catch up to the main runners, after passing many isolated pockets of single and 2-3 person groups that I guess had chosen to run shorter, specific legs of the OneRun. The main runners were a group of about 10-12 clearly dedicated people that welcomed me right away. I met a few of the running leaders, really nice people who were unassumingly just running along with the pack. They had the white baton with them, that had been carried this way literally across the country from California.  There was not much talking beyond the first meetings with this initial group.

For a stretch of about an hour, I found myself running in the pitch black of darkness of the Wellesley woods, guided by just a few headlamps and athlete instinct. At this point, it was one of the bests runs I’ve ever been on.

As we picked up more runners closer to Boston, first at Newton Center and then a massive crowd at BC, the energy . The energy had increased positively but anxiously with the increase in runners, and of course it became more about getting hundreds of people safely down the street late at night. At that point it was more momentous, but less personal. Still, the event overall was fantastic and I’m proud to have been a part of it.