Boston Marathon Registration: Every Second Counts

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The most recent qualifying times for the Boston Marathon are fairly strict. Thankfully, I qualified this year in August, at the 6-hour race above. But this year the Boston Athletic Association had to lower the times by 1 minute and 28 seconds in each age group, because of the marathoners that didn’t get to finish last years race, and all those who felt compelled to run because of it. My qualifying time based on my age and gender was 3:05:00, but my new time to beat was 3:03:22. At the 6-hour, I ran a 3:03:21. Who gets in by literally 1 second? This guy I guess. Good thing I took that victory lap.


2013-11-05 2014 Boston Marathon Confirmation of Entry Acceptance

So it’s here. Above is my acceptance to the 2014 Boston Marathon. To say it took a while is a bit of an understatement. It was mailed on Nov 5th, a few months after everyone else received theirs. The body text even says that an acceptance card will be mailed to me in October. Sure, it took a while but it doesn’t matter, it’s here. It feels great.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.01.18 AMAnd now I’m thinking of all the people affected at the 2013 Boston Marathon. My first thought about running in 2014 is about others, lots of others. I think about how emotional it will be for them, how they will all experience the 2014 race in such different, but deeply emotional ways.

I’m thinking too of the negatives of 2013. How sad, to be killed by another human being. How sad, not to make it to your 9th birthday. And even more sad the reason being because of someone else’s anger. And there are so many other victims and families affected. Too many to count. I guess I haven’t allowed myself to dwell on negative emotional impact since the race, typical L. Smith attitude, always forward. But surely the emotion has and will come out as necessary.

My own story and path to the 2014 Boston Marathon is unlikely. At least though, it remains positive. I think that the idea of running next years’ race is unstoppable. Not me running the race next year, everyone running. The Tsarnaevs of the world cannot stop it. You can’t stop it. It’s an unstoppable force, larger than life, and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

See you out there.