Athleta Run with Bart

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Bart Yasso (the guy that invented the Yasso 800’s that you run at track practice) came to run with us at Athleta. He shared his 40 plus years of running experience with us, including incredible stories of running and writing … Read More

Code as Code [1]

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Recently, I realized that I read a lot of code. A lot of code, and also many kinds of code. As an Architect, I use the building code: International Building Code, State Building Code, and other standards of similar nature, … Read More

office setup

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Boom, new computer has ARRIVED! Six 2.4 GHz dual-core and two ATI Radeon HD’s of pure joy. I’ve already ripped apart my external hard drive to integrate it. Some digital greatness to come.

BAA 10k

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The BAA 10 was great this year. The atmosphere was notably charged, this being the first BAA event after the marathon. I ran a really good race because I ran a smart race. It was great to see everyone, all … Read More

Boston’s OneRun

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I went for a long run from Hopkinton (yes), and happened upon the last leg of the nation-wide OneRun for Boston. When I started my run around 9:30pm, the runners carrying the baton had just past the marathon starting line, and … Read More

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