Washington wanderer

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When Renata went to Washington for a conference, I was able to tag along and run the area with her. Seeing the area on foot was great enough, not to mention all the daily activity. While there were certainly many different types, the buildings and memorials were so clearly uniform and working together. They seemed all to be linked together both physically and in intent. Apparently a lot of the legislative buildings are actually connected unground. I’d love to see those plan drawings.

Renata’s friend’s boyfriend Perry works at the Capitol building, and gave me an amazing personal tour. We skipped the lines with his employee access, and I was able to see semi-restricted areas used mostly by staff and the country’s legislators. There were plenty of places within the Capitol that were either physically inaccessible, or that were spaces only a few people were supposed to know how to get to. It was interesting to me that may of the assembly spaces are redone or renovated, only to then be kept preserved indefinitely in the style of their time, like a “living” but very much working, museum, that tourists can come and observe. Office as museum, interesting.

The endless statues throughout the building give a continual atmosphere of historic patriotism, two things I hadn’t seen to be so closely attached before. Makes you feel really aware of the pride people have for this country. It felt as though I was in America’s home base building; America’s house.

The Maya Lin and Lincoln memorial’s were powerful, although I’d love to go back to them at a time with less people.

The airport was pretty baller too. Oh, and we also ran (literally) by a group of kickball teams (apparently playing kickball in a league is really big in the summer) partying. 300 people, all dressed up in costume, playing flip-cup, outside, in the middle of the day. Amazing.