Reject Negativity, Build Community

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Why Iwan Baan’s TED Talk Was Right

Here’s a TED talk video from the now-famous architecture photographer Iwan Baan, and a reaction to it by two students working on a project similar to his message.

I love the call to “take a much more nuanced view…” in the reaction article, so that “we can start to see that there are incredible opportunities”. Frankis says, “The negativity around these spaces promotes the idea that they have failed to build a community, that despite their best efforts they didn’t live up to our exacting standards. ” To me, this asks a simple favor of those in authority: to focus not on the negative, even, no especially in ‘negative’ situations, to reject judgement and begin building. The article offers that from there, you can build community. I would argue though that at that point, it doesn’t matter much what the hell is it you’re planning on building–it will now be better, because you have rejected negatively. What you’re building will be better now.