Lifetime Winner

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Kenneth Frampton won the lifetime award (the Lisbon Triennale Millenium BCP Lifetime Achievement Award).

I love that it was mentioned in the article that architecture does not live only as built works. It’s so easy to see architecture as “the next best building”, and I think for most people, “the latest cool building I remember hearing about.” To me, this idea helps architecture transcend the greatness, and really novelty, of very recent architecture, which I think needs to have some time applied to it before being great. It helps to put it in perspective. Fitting for the Lifetime award to do that.

I also like some of the jurors comments that he won because he “served as intellectual and ethical guides for several generations of architects and writers.” To me that’s pretty high up there on the architecture goals list, to again transcend even the things you’ve done in your entire lifetime, living on well beyond your architectural years. Please don’t confuse that for “wanting to live forever”, I really don’t think that’s necessary. I’d rather have people forget the work I’ve done if it meant improving architectural design, but I’m saying that it’s quite an accomplishment for Frampton to now “be there” with his work. Good for him.

— L. Smith