Code as Code [1]

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Code As Code [1]

Recently, I realized that I read a lot of code. A lot of code, and also many kinds of code. As an Architect, I use the building code: International Building Code, State Building Code, and other standards of similar nature, like the Mass Architectural Access Board regulations. And as a web designer, I use HTML code, CSS, code scripts and PHP computer code. It’s often hard to tell which is more bland and complex.

When I realized this, I had then the idea then to represent the building code as source code. Now WHY would I want to do that? I present the building code as web source code, and make comments on selective lines, as one would when building a webpage, in order to help myself see through the complicated nature of it’s presentation, and understand the building code’s intent at the most basic level.

Consider this the first post in a series, comparing and learning from Code as Code.